Apple Store's 10th Anniversary: 10 Surprises to Wish for

News Analysis: Apple is getting close to celebrating the tenth anniversary of the start of its retail operations. Now speculation abounds it might launch a new product to celebrate the occasion. Here is a list of 10 surprises we would like to see.

On May 19, Apple will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of its retail outlets. The company's stores are widely considered to offer some of the most appealing retail experiences in the world, allowing customers to try out devices, check their email, surf the Web and do much more in the locations. Even better for Apple, they have helped the company generate the boatloads of cash it makes every quarter and extended its position as one of the most unique and forward-thinking companies in the industry.

But recent reports suggest that Apple won't just celebrate its tenth anniversary with a simple press release. Instead, rumors suggest that the company has something big planned, and could be launching a new product to commemorate the important day. Exactly what it will launch, however, is currently under wraps.

But that shouldn't stop everyone else from thinking about what the company might offer. With rumors suggesting all kinds of products might hit store shelves, just about everyone has something in mind that they would like to see Apple launch.

Here are the sorts of announcements Apple could make that would suit just about anyone's fancy:

1. An iPad with 4G

Apple's iPad has proven successful as more and more consumers buy the device. But it's not perfect. One of the biggest issues with the iPad is that it lacks 4G connectivity. Considering so many other competitors in the market will be offering 4G by the time the year is up, it would be an awfully nice surprise if Apple offered customers a new iPad with 4G connectivity built in.

2. An iPhone 4 with 4G

Like Apple's iPad, the company's iPhone 4 lacks the ability to connect to 4G networks. Since the iPhone 5 likely won't be released anytime soon, it would be nice to see Apple unveil an updated iPhone 4 this year that boasts 4G connectivity. Granted, some design compromises would need to be made, but considering rumors suggest an iPhone 4S is in the works anyway, wouldn't it make sense for Apple to offer 4G connectivity on the iPhone in time for its tenth anniversary?

3. A worthwhile Apple TV

There's little debating that the Apple TV needs to be improved. The device, which launched in September 2010, offers a small footprint due to its lack of onboard storage. All the entertainment opportunities on the platform are made available through streaming. Apple says that's what consumers are really after, but that's debatable. To commemorate its tenth retail anniversary, Apple should launch a new Apple TV, complete with onboard storage and access to the App Store. Such a move would make the tech giant a dominant force in the living room.

4. The long-awaited Apple television

Over the last couple years, rumors have been swirling that Apple would eventually release a television that includes access to the Web and, perhaps most importantly, App Store functionality. What better time to unveil such a new and exciting device than in tandem with the tenth anniversary of its retail stores? The set could very well establish a new standard in the TV market.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...