Apple Updates iPhone OS 3.1 SDK for Developers, Reports Say

Apple pushed out its iPhone OS 3.1 software and the accompanying SDK for developers early July 1, according to reports. Among the updates is the appearance of an MMS button in the Messages app. Is AT&T gearing up to flip the switch?

Sometime in the wee hours of July 1, Apple reportedly pushed out iPhone OS 3.1 beta software and its software development kit to developers. The update comes just two weeks after Apple made the free iPhone OS 3.0 download available on June 17.
According to multiple reports, iPhone OS 3.1 offers some bug patches and a number of improvements, including updates to the Voice Control functionality, which now also works with Bluetooth headsets.
PC World reports that there's now also a tactile response (it vibrates) to moving icons on the screen, and paste capability in the dialer application, which now also converts alphanumeric numbers.
Additionally, PC World said iPhone OS 3.1 includes "under-the-hood" changes to the OpenGL and Quartz engines in the software, as well as a Video Editor Controller API that lets third-party applications call up the video editing interface.
According to AppleInsider, the iPhone OS 3.1 software allows users to save an original copy of a video before editing it-instead of being forced to override it-and to save e-mailed videos to a video album.
Programmers, wrote AppleInsider, have been given a choice of video recording quality, and new application interface classes related to graphics. And the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) button is again present in the Messages application-which makes it easy to suspect that AT&T is gearing up to finally support that functionality. While the iPhone 3G S supports MMS, and foreign carriers have enabled it, AT&T has yet to flip the switch in the United States.
And finally, according to MacDailyNews, a "Fraud Protection" toggle has been added to Safari settings, and iPhone boot-up time is now quicker.