Apple WWDC

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Apple WWDC

5,200 developers attended WWDC this year at Moscone West. Google said more than 5,000 developers attended Google I/O at Moscone West last month. We'll call that a virtual tie.

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iOS Market Momentum

Apple sold 200 million iOS devices to date. Google said that more than 100 million Android devices have shipped to date. Android may lead in smartphones, but when you consider iPod touch and iPad sales, the competitive distance between the platforms is considerably greater.

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Apple App Store

There are 425,000 apps in the App Store. Google just hit the 200,000 plateau for the Android Market in May. However, Verizon and Amazon also sell Android apps through their stores, which Google isn't accounting for. Still, Apple has at least double the apps. The numbers don't mean much by themselves, but most people argue Apple app quality is better.

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iPad Apps

iPad has 90,000 apps. Google, which reported 100 Honeycomb apps a couple months ago, is lucky to have as many as 200 apps for Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets. It won't reveal the current number.

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iPad Sales

Speaking of the hallowed tablet, 25 million iPads were sold since it launched in April 2010. Tablet manufacturers would be lucky to have sold as many as 2 million Android models to this point.

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App Store vs. Android Market Installs

Apple said 14 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store in less than three years. Google reported 4.5 billion app installs for Android Market. There's a wide disparity there.

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App Store Payouts

Apple has paid some $2.5 billion to developers producing software for its app store. Google isn't saying what Android developers make, but we know it's not nearly as much as iOS developers.

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Apple reported that more than 130 million books have been downloaded from iBooks. Google declined to say how many books users downloaded or purchased from its eBookstore, which launched last December.

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15 billion songs have been sold from Apple's iTunes store. Google just launched its Music digital locker to beta. Google also has no deals with music publishers in place; Apple does.

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Apple Eats Android

From a simple assumption that there are multiple manufacturers producing Android devices, one might expect that Android would eat the Apple platform alive. However, it's Apple that clearly has the upper hand at this stage of what will be a long, bloody battle.

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