AT&T Expands Its Wearables Lineup With 6 More Devices

Several health and fitness bands, a smartwatch and a fashion-inspired notification bracelet for women are now available from AT&T.

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AT&T is expanding its consumer wearables product lineup with six new products, including a designer-inspired notification bracelet for women, a health and fitness tracker, a heart rate tracker for fitness enthusiasts and a luxury analog smartwatch that combines high style with traditional smartwatch functions.

The new AT&T offerings will be available to customers starting June 26, bringing the company's wearables lineup to about 30 products, according to a June 17 announcement by the mobile carrier.

Three of the new products—the Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet (pictured), the Healbe GoBe "body manager" wearable band and the Mio Fuse advanced heart rate monitoring band—are being offered exclusively through AT&T.

The Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet for women works with an iPhone to gently vibrate when a call or text is received, while the Healbe GoBe band provides a wide range of health tracking information for wearers. Also included in the new AT&T offerings are the low-priced Misfit Flash fitness wearable, the Withings Activité fully featured smartwatch and the budget Withings Activité Pop fitness tracker watch.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff has been creating handbags, shoes and jewelry for years, but with this $120 bracelet, she designed a product that delivers instant notifications from an Apple iPhone to a wearer's wrist with a subtle vibration alert. The bracelet has a 30-day battery life and can be set to create an "inner circle" of up to 25 preferred contacts so that the bracelet will only notify the wearer when one of those special contacts are trying to contact her. The Minkoff bracelet will be available through or through select AT&T company-owned retail stores.

The Healbe GoBe automatic body manager is a wearable device that tracks a wearer's caloric intake and calorie burn without any manual logging of meals or activities through three special built-in sensors. The $299.99 GoBe also provides information about a wearer's hydration, stress, sleep quality, heart rate and blood pressure. The device will be offered through AT&T's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago and through

The Healbe GoBe tracks a wearer's caloric intake by measuring and tracking a person's blood glucose production and levels after carbohydrates are consumed and begin to be digested, according to Healbe. As glucose concentrations rise, human cells absorb glucose and release water. The GoBe uses an impedance sensor to measure the fluid moving in and out of a wearer's cells, providing wearers with a complete picture of their net calorie intake and their calories burned for a specific period of time.

The $149.99 Mio Fuse wristband is aimed at fitness enthusiasts who want to track their heart rate during workouts as well as other activities, according to AT&T. The Fuse provides EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring during workouts, as well as activity tracking, including steps taken, calories, distance and pace. The Fuse can track up to 30 hours of exercise data and two weeks of daily activity data so users can compare their performance and activities. The Fuse will be available in select AT&T retail stores and at

Priced at $49.99, the Misfit Flash is an affordable fitness wearable that helps wearers track their physical activity progress, control their music, track their sleep patterns or tell the time with a single touch. It has a six-month replaceable battery and 12 LED lights to display a wearer's progress toward his or her daily activity goals. The Flash, which will be available on and in AT&T retail stores everywhere, requires no setup for its built-in sleep tracker. Instead, the Flash knows when a wearer is preparing for a night's sleep or for a nap, according to AT&T.

The stylish, luxury Withings Activité analog smartwatch is Swiss-made and comes with a black French calf leather band, a stainless steel case, a sapphire cover glass and a black watch face. The $450 smartwatch has a replaceable eight-month battery and 3D motion sensors that track steps taken, sleep and distance traveled. It is also waterproof to five atmospheres and automatically adjusts to changing time zones. It works with iOS 7 or above and with Android 4.3.3 and higher. It will be available on and at AT&T's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago.

For users who want a classically styled watch that can also provide activity tracking, there is the Withings Activité Pop. The $149.95 Activité Pop has a round analog display that provides the time at a glance, while also tracking a wearer's progress toward his or her daily activity goals. Like its luxury stablemate, the Activité Pop also features a replaceable eight-month battery, is waterproof to five atmospheres, and works with iOS 7 or above and with Android 4.3.3 and higher. The Activité Pop will be available in all AT&T company-owned stores and on