AT&T's 8-Inch Trek 2 HD: An Android 6.0 Tablet for Less Than $1

1 - AT&T's 8-Inch Trek 2 HD: An Android 6.0 Tablet for Less Than $1
2 - The AT&T Trek 2 HD Tablet
3 - Expandable Storage to 128GB
4 - 5-Megapixel Main Camera
5 - Built-In USB-C Port
6 - Creative Photo Special Effects Capabilities
7 - Includes the DirecTV App
8 - Dolby Audio App for Enhanced Sound
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AT&T's 8-Inch Trek 2 HD: An Android 6.0 Tablet for Less Than $1

The Trek 2 HD tablet, made by ZTE and built as an entertainment hub, is available from AT&T on a 20-month contract for 99 cents or without a contract for $150.

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The AT&T Trek 2 HD Tablet

The Trek 2 HD features an 8-inch HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz octa-core processor, and integrated 4G LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The machine runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

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Expandable Storage to 128GB

Also built into the Trek 2 HD is 2GB of memory; 16GB of onboard storage for music, photos, documents and more; a microSD card slot that accepts cards with up to 128GB of additional storage; and dual front-facing speakers with Dolby audio. Customers can securely save and share their photos and videos with selected friends using 50GB of free online storage through the AT&T Locker service.

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5-Megapixel Main Camera

Photographic chores for the Trek 2 HD are handled by a 5-megapixel rear camera and by a front-facing camera. The tablet also features a 4,600mAh rechargeable battery, quick-charging capabilities and the ability to run all of Google's standard services, including Chrome, Gmail, Google Apps and others.

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Built-In USB-C Port

For easy charging and convenient connections to other devices, the Trek 2 HD includes a built-in USB-C connector. The machine measures 8.46 inches wide, 4.92 inches tall and 0.35 inches thick and weighs 12.8 ounces. The device promises up to about 10.5 hours of use on a charge.

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Creative Photo Special Effects Capabilities

Trek 2 HD users can take advantage of a wide range of special effects for their photos taken with their tablet, including fisheye, mosaic, mirror image and sepia toning features. Users also can capture multiple exposures that allow them to blend images together. The cameras have a "smile button" that will capture images hands-free when the cameras detect a face with a smile in the frame. The tablet also includes automatic and manual photo settings to give users more control and creativity with their photos.

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Includes the DirecTV App

Also included is the DirecTV app, which allows users to watch videos from their favorite channels on DirecTV with a subscription. AT&T acquired DirecTV in July 2015 for $48.5 billion, and the company is continuing to build connections between them to benefit customers.

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Dolby Audio App for Enhanced Sound

Using the preloaded Dolby Audio app, users can configure their tablet to receive surround sound and enhanced sound for movies, music and games. Also built-in is a dialog enhancer feature that delivers improved clarity of speech in movies and more. Plus, users can customize up to two Dolby settings to punch up the bass in their favorite music selections.

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