ATandT Gets Makeover, Prepares for Nationwide Netbook Rollout

AT&T updates its more than 2,200 retail locations, making products easier to locate and try out. The makeover announcement comes just days before AT&T will greatly expand its subsidized netbook lineup, which includes Dell and Acer mininotebooks plus service offerings.

AT&T will soon be taking its $50 netbook offer nationwide-and, anticipating all the fresh looks its more than 2,200 retail locations will be receiving, it went and gave them a makeover.
The stores' products and services are now more intuitively organized, according to AT&T.
Additionally, the carrier said in a statement July 21 that "all wireless devices are now showcased on new power-enabled displays that will make it easier for customers to experience interactive applications like social networking and personal navigation or to compare and contrast features like touch-screens versus full QWERTY keyboards."
The aim is to help consumers and small business customers more easily find, try out and, of course, purchase products-especially once, "in the coming days," the carrier offers its subsidized netbook nationally. So far, the successful offer has been limited to Atlanta and Philadelphia.
AT&T will also soon be making its ConnecTech services available for purchase in its retail locations. The service includes next-day, in-home service; 24/7 remote support for netbook installation and setup; laptop performance optimization and diagnosis; the installation of peripheral devices and wireless networks; and the option of a home network security audit.
According to AT&T, the makeover builds on investments the carrier has made since its merger with BellSouth and acquisition of Cingular Wireless.
More than half of AT&T's stores now offer wired and wireless products and services, and more than 700 locations offer bilingual services. Additionally, the representatives in the AT&T Call Center offer assistance in, combined, more than 160 languages.
"Just as we are focused on delivering the products and services that connect our customers to their worlds, we remain committed to making it easy for them to do business with us," Paul Roth, AT&T's president of retail sales and services, said in the statement.
AT&T's netbook offer, which is tied to a service contract, includes netbooks from Dell, Acer and LG.