ATandT Powers Up After Outage

High winds may have led to a voice and data outage Dec. 28 throughout the Midwest. AT&T reports the problems began at a company facility in Bloomfield, Mich., in the morning and that service was mostly restored by Sunday evening.

AT&T said Dec. 29 its wireless networks are back in service after a Dec. 28 power failure in Bloomfield, Mich., led to a massive voice and data outage throughout the Midwest. AT&T pinpointed the outage to a company facility.

According to AT&T, the outage began at 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 28 and resulted in "intermittent disruption" of mobile services in "some Midwest states." Weather reports said Bloomfield was hit by high winds on Dec. 28 that reached gusts of 50 miles per hour.

Outages were reported from Detroit to St. Louis.

"Backup power has been restored, and a substantial portion of the impacted equipment was back in service as of Sunday afternoon. Virtually all service traffic is running normally today," AT&T said in a statement. "AT&T continues work to restore a small number of local cell sites in Michigan that were impacted by local weather and power outages. This work will continue until all local service is fully restored."