Authentication & User Management

Once, authentication simply meant controlling user access to company networks.

Once, authentication simply meant controlling user access to company networks; then it changed to include resources on Web sites, portals and intranets; now it can include authentication into Web services and wireless networking devices. With this much change, excellence can mean doing all these things well or doing one of these things very well.


WirelessWall Software Suite 2.0

Cranite Systems Inc.s WirelessWall Software Suite 2.0 does one thing better than anything else the judges have seen—namely, control access to a wireless network. Traditional tools for controlling access to a wireless network tend to basically lock out everyone but those who should be on the network 100 percent of the time—a model more in line with a jail than with a business that needs to accommodate the needs of business partners, clients and guests. WirelessWall provides strong protection for all network resources while making it easy for occasional users to get wireless Internet access. WirelessWall does this by using powerful Advanced Encryption Standard encryption to protect all network traffic through the wireless devices. When used in conjunction with a Windows-based client and pretty much any wireless hardware, this provides a level of protection that meets even the U.S. governments strict requirements.


Novell Nsure Solutions

Novell Inc. offers one of the best options available for user management and authentication. The companys Nsure suite provides a comprehensive solution for controlling access to corporate assets. Nsure consists of a top-of-the-line LDAP server, flexible Web access control and single-sign-on features, strong firewall capabilities, biometric management and integration, and some of the best management tools around. And all this can be run without the need to invest in NetWare.

Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0

Sun Microsystems Inc.s Sun ONE Identity Server 6.0 was the first product to support the Liberty Alliance specification for ID management. While this support is good, especially when it comes to integrating authentication to Web services, it isnt the best thing about Sun ONE Identity Server. The judges were impressed with Sun ONE Identity Server because of its excellent management interface, its ability to work with any authentication mechanism and its support for Web services standards such as SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). All this combines to make the product an excellent platform for handling single sign-on and Web access control.

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