Barnes & Noble Nook Color ($249)

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color ($249)

Boasting a full color touch screen and WiFi connectivity, this e-reader is perfect for dads who always have their noses buried in a book.

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Nintendo 3DS ($249.99)

Give your father the glasses-free 3D gaming and media gaming experience with the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console.

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TK-421 iPhone Case ($39.99)

This case has a flip-out keyboard and a handy built-in keyboard that rotates out when needed, for old-school tactile texting.

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LED Watch ($9.99)

A grid of blue LEDs lights up to tell the time and date, and can be set to light up automatically every 15 minutes.

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JuiceBar Portable Solar Charger ($49.99)

This sleek rechargeable battery pack stores enough power to charge most handheld electronics and can charge a typical cell phone several times.

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Swiss Flash USB Knife ($54.99-$99.99)

Taking the classic Swiss army knife into the 21st century, this version includes a USB flash drive (with cable), LED light and ballpoint pen.

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Apple iPad 2 (from $499)

Still the best tablet available, the iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad, and it features two cameras.

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5.0-Megapixel Digital Spy Camera ($150)

Make your dad feel like a secret agent with this tiny camera (less than four inches long), which includes a USB cable for downloading photos to the computer.

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Grow Your Own Beer Garden ($24.99)

Everything your dad needs to grow barley, hops and wheat—the plants he grows today could become the beer he drinks tomorrow.

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Mini Global GPS Tracker ($99.99)

Track yourself or other people wherever they go with this tiny GPS tracker, which includes an SOS button to send a "help me" message and location to authorized numbers.

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