Bigger, Better Bluetooth 3.0 Coming April 21

Bluetooth 3.0 is scheduled for release on April 21. The bigger, badder Bluetooth will offer faster mobile and wireless connections for transferring hefty video files and music collections. Intel has announced interest in the personal area networking space with its project code-named Cliffside, but a full list of chip makers on board is expected with the April 21 announcement from the Bluetooth SIG.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has approved its specifications for Bluetooth 3.0, and the improved connectivity tool will launch April 21.
While Bluetooth is currently ideal for transferring contact information and low-resolution images, Bluetooth 3.0 will offer higher speeds and be capable of handling larger video and music files.
Bluetooth 3.0 will use 802.11 technology (not technically Wi-Fi) to help transfer heftier files. Essentially, two Bluetooth modules communicate and agree to a switch to 802.11, without actually joining a Wi-Fi network.
After the data transfer, the devices return to the other radio. Wi-Fi Net News explains that the ad-hoc connection method falls under the PAN (personal area networking) category, and 802.11 standards may wind up being called WLAN/PAN systems.
A list of the chip makers that will be using Bluetooth 3.0 is expected to arrive with the formal announcement on April 21. Intel, however, is sure to be on board.
Intel's "Cliffside" project explores PAN technology. On the Intel blog, Cliffside is described as a way to wirelessly sync an MP3 player with video files, connect a laptop to a television to view HD movies, or connect laptops to share files and chat when an access point isn't available. The blog also offers of a video look at Cliffside at work.
Reportedly, Bluetooth 3.0 will additionally feature EPC (Enhanced Power Control) to increase the robustness of the connection and prevent unwanted disconnects.