BlackBerry App World Is High on Apps, Low on Payment Options

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BlackBerry App World Is High on Apps, Low on Payment Options

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Link to Download

Users must install App World on supported BlackBerry devices and must browse to the install package using the device. However, from a PC, users can e-mail themselves a link for easy access.

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Install App World

Users can quickly download and install App World with just a few clicks.

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App World Icon

App World appears in the Downloads folder on the device, although users can easily move the icon to the main menu.

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Featured Items

To help find new applications, App World offers a horizontal scroll list called "Featured Items." Applications in the Featured Items panel will change periodically.

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Install Apps

When selecting an application, users can view brief descriptions and reviews of the app or quickly install them.

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Top Downloads

Users can also browse a list of the Top 25 most popular App World applications. App World does not appear to have separate "top" lists for paid and free applications.

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From a separate panel, users can browse for applications organized into categories and subcategories.

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Users who have some idea of what they are looking for can utilize the built-in App World Search dialog.

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Buy Application 1

To buy non-free applications, users must use PayPal for payment. Entering PayPal credentials not only authorizes payment but also creates a My World account on RIM's servers (using the same credentials). This account serves as a locker for paid applications, allowing users to take applications with them when they upgrade to a different BlackBerry device.

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Buy Application 2

Prices for applications start at $2.99. (The most expensive app I found was PEPID Emergency, for $199.99.) Users can browse the Terms of Sale before completing a purchase.

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My World

On the device, My World presents as a list all App World apps installed. But if you log in, the device will synchronize all purchased applications (with proper PayPal credentials) to the device.

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My World Reconcile

At left is My World with no paid applications in the locker. At right, paid applications have been synchronized.