BlackBerry Smartphones Should Use Android: 10 Reasons Why

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BlackBerry Smartphones Should Use Android: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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The BlackBerry Torch Wont Work

RIM says the BlackBerry Torch will be the device that will help it compete with the iPhone and the Droid X. But it's wrong. The Torch lacks the features that users really want. And unlike the iPhone, it won't adequately appeal to customers who want a "next-gen" device. Realizing that, it's about time for RIM to come up with something fresh. The Torch is not that product. But with Android's help, RIM could deliver one that is.

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Google Gets Customers

RIM is starting to show that it doesn't fully understand customers. The market is changing at a rapid rate, and customers want mobile devices that work well, have the best applications and continue to deliver unique experiences. BlackBerry OS 6 just doesn't do that. Worst of all, it doesn't adequately provide an app experience that users want. Whereas Apple's App Store has over 240,000 apps and the Android Market boasts tens of thousands of apps, BlackBerry's App World has a fraction of that. It's yet another indication that RIM doesn't adequately understand customers. But Google does. And it's worth adopting Android OS because of that.

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The Consumer Battle

The consumer market is heating up. With Apple dominating the space and the Droid X enjoying unprecedented success, it's becoming clear that Google and Apple will come out on top. Despite RIM's desire for the Torch to appeal to consumers, it won't. Delivering Android in a new BlackBerry could go a long way to improve RIM's chances of appealing to consumers. After all, it's an operating system that consumers have shown they want.

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The iPhone Needs a Competitor

Apple finds itself in an extremely beneficial position. The company delivers the most desired smartphone in the world and, even though the Droid X is somewhat successful, Apple knows all too well that it will never match the iPhone. But with the help of Android, RIM might get closer to making Apple worry. RIM's BlackBerry devices are still wildly successful and it enjoys recognition that Motorola can't muster. If a new BlackBerry has the right operating system running, Apple may have to think twice about its mobile strategy.

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Its Best for Tablets

All this talk of smartphones fails to mention the possibility of RIM delivering a tablet in the coming months. Since the release of the iPad, an increasing number of companies are trying to capitalize on the burgeoning tablet space. Rumors suggest RIM is one of those companies. But with a sub-par operating system, it's impossible to see how the company would even expect to be successful in the mostly consumer-dominated space. Android OS, however, could change all that. Google's mobile operating system is ideally suited for tablets. Plus, with the Cisco Cius running Android, it's becoming clearer that Google's operating system is capable of appealing to enterprise customers. It's certainly worth considering.

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Android Is on the Rise

Android phones easily outpaced the iPhone over the past quarter, according to the most recent sales figures. And the chances of the operating system dominating the mobile market within the next few years are greater than ever. Why wouldn't RIM want to get in on that growth now? Android could do wonders for its operation.

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Make BlackBerry OS 6 the Enterprise Solution

RIM already has a mobile operating system that it has invested millions of dollars in. But adopting Android wouldn't mean that it needed to ditch BlackBerry OS. Instead, it should make the latest version of the software the enterprise option, since most companies want to use that anyway. The Android OS BlackBerry models can be made available to consumers and, eventually, corporate customers, if it makes sound business sense. BlackBerry OS 6 is ideal for the enterprise. It shouldn't be abandoned.

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The Browsing Experience Is Much Better

One of the major problems with BlackBerry OS is its browser. Admittedly, RIM did a better job of fixing the browser in OS 6, thanks to its acquisition of Torch Mobile, but it still pales in comparison with the mobile Chrome browser available in Android OS. Browsing might not seem like the best reason for RIM to deploy Android OS, but given how many more people are accessing the Web via smartphones, that should certainly play into the decision. RIM needs to keep browsing in mind as it continues to tie its future to BlackBerry OS.

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Get on Googles Good Side

The last thing RIM should want to do is make Google mad. The company might say it only does good, but as its presence in the mobile market continues to grow, it's becoming clear that the companies that stay on Google's good side will have a much easier time competing in that space than the ones that don't. The future of the mobile market is Google's for the taking. And it's up to RIM to either combat that or accept it. The smarter move is to accept it.

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It Would Scare Apple

RIM has the opportunity to scare Apple and make Steve Jobs think twice about any future iPhone strategies by adopting Android. Apple would be facing not one, but two, major competitors offering Android OS. That alone could drastically change the market and give Apple something to worry about. Business is a mind game, and RIM has the ability to one-up the company that usually does mind games best.

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