BlackBerry World 2012: 10 Things RIM Needs to Show Users

NEWS ANALYSIS: RIM's BlackBerry World, which is taking place May 1-3 in Orlando, Fla., must convince customers that the company and its products have a positive future.

It's once again time for Research In Motion's BlackBerry World event, being held in Orlando, Fla., May 1-3. As expected, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins will be speaking at the event, along with a host of other executives, in an attempt to drum up excitement and support for the company's products as RIM moves into what will be an extremely difficult period until BlackBerry 10 finally hits store shelves.

But BlackBerry World 2012 is about much more than just trying to drum up excitement. The event will be RIM's chance to prove that it actually knows what it's doing and can turn things around. It will also give Heins his chance to prove he's the right man to lead the company and that he has the ideas to put it back on a path to success. Simply put, there's a lot riding on BlackBerry World 2012, and RIM has to generate lasting excitement about its products and prospects.

Read on to find out what RIM must show users when BlackBerry World 2012 kicks off on May 1:

1. BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 will decide RIM's future. If the operating system is a hit, the company could be able to turn things around. If things go awry, however, all kinds of trouble could result. At BlackBerry World, RIM better show why it believes BlackBerry 10 will be able to achieve success where earlier versions have failed to keep up with competitors. If it can't do that, who knows what the future holds?

2. A hint at BlackBerry 10 devices

AlthoughRIM has said it won't show off BlackBerry 10 devices at BlackBerry World, that doesn't mean it shouldn't. Quite the contrary, the company should at least give a hint at what the BlackBerry 10 handsets will look like and how they will achieve success in the marketplace. To not do so would be a mistake.

3. A strategic partnership

According to the latest rumors, RIM is in talks with a host of companies about so-called strategic partnerships it might strike. There is some speculation that companies like Microsoft and even Nokia might want to ink a deal with the BlackBerry maker, though that hasn't been confirmed. It's a good idea for RIM to unveil a valuable strategic partnership arrangement at BlackBerry World.

4. A desire for dramatic change

It's no secret that RIM needs to make some dramatic changes in the coming months. But so far, the company hasn't outlined any plans to actually do that. So, what better time than BlackBerry World to prove that it does, in fact, have dramatic changes waiting in the wings. Something big needs to happen, and it's a good idea for BlackBerry World to be the place where that occurs.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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