Bold 9900 Hands-on

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Bold 9900 Hands-on

The device is a light 4.58 ounces, 4.5 inches long and 2.6 inches wide.

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RIM's Thinnest BlackBerry Yet

The new handset is only 10.5 millimeters thick, or thin, if you prefer.

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RIM said it upgraded the iconography for the BlackBerry 7 operating system, though the improvement in these icons appears incremental. We were told the Blackberry 7 we saw on the test Bolds was still in beta. The 2.8-inch touch-screen is VGA (640 by 480) with 287 dpi resolution.

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Social Feed

The new social feed includes custom views and notification bookmarking for Facebook and Twitter status updates.

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Near-Field Communication Support

The Bold 9900 includes NFC, which enables tag reading for smart posters and pairing with other accessories.

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Music App Storefront

The Bold 9900 includes a new music application storefront.

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Camera, Video

The Bold 9900 includes a 5MP camera and supports 720p video.

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BlackBerry Bold Frame

The Bold 9900 and 9930 frame is brushed stainless steel.

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Bold Back Plate

Blackberry Bold is encased in a glass-weave back plate.

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Bold Keyboard

The Bold QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad have been refined to be larger despite the smaller Bold 9900 form factor.

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Bold 9900, 9930 Specs

Here is a deeper look into the Bold 9900/9930 technical specs.

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Blackberry 7 OS

The Blackberry 7 OS is 1.6 times faster than its BB 6 predecessor and includes several new features.

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Voice Activated Search

The Blackberry 7 OS supports voice-activated search.

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NFC APIs for Developers

The NFC capabilities in the Blackberry 7 0S include APIs for developers.

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Augmented Reality

The Blackberry 7 OS enables augmented reality via Wikitude and developer APIs.

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Music Store

The Blackberry 7 OS nods to consumers with its music storefront, which includes access to Amazon's music store.

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Social Feeds

The new and improved Social Feeds 2.0 application streams Facebook and Twitter status updates.

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Business Productivity Suite

While Blackberry 7 features a lot of consumer-friendly perks, it's also serious about business, offering the Docs-to-go productivity suite with a native PDF viewer. This is free with new Blackberry Bold devices.

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BlackBerry Balance

One of the core capabilities for the Blackberry 7 OS is Blackberry Balance, which lets users access Blackberry 6 OS and later devices for work and personal tasks while protecting corporate data.

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Blackberry Mobile Device Management

RIM launched new mobile device management software to provide support Blackberry Enterprise Server support for Android and Apple iOS handsets and tablets.

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