Boost Mobile Offers 50 Percent Savings to Rivals' Customers

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon customers are being offered savings of up to 50 percent and free smartphones if they switch to Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile is working to lure customers of competitors AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon with an offer to save up to 50 percent on their current rates, as well as free smartphones, if they switch their existing family plans to the wireless service.

The offer, which will be available through April 5, will provide family members with 10GB of data for each line of service starting at $60 for two lines per month. The promotion was announced on March 3.

Under the deal, three lines of service with 10GB of data for each will cost $85 per month, while four lines will cost a total of $110 per month, again with 10GB of data each.

The special rates will remain in effect as long as customers keep their accounts with Boost Mobile.

New customers who make the switch to Boost Mobile will be eligible to receive a free Alcatel OneTouch Elevate, Motorola Moto E, LG Tribute, LG Tribute 2 or ZTE Speed smartphone, or a $50 instant discount on another device, according to the offer, for every line a customer brings over from T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. Customers can get up to four free smartphones per account when activating a family plan.

Boost Mobile, which is a unit of Sprint, offers prepaid, no-contract mobile services to its customers. The company uses the Sprint 4G LTE network to provide its services.

"Boost Mobile's family plans provide a superior alternative for T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon customers looking for a better family value," Angela Rittgers, vice president of Boost Mobile, said in a statement. "We can help them save up to 50 percent off their monthly plan and get up to four free phones. Now is the time to make a move."

The rate wars between mobile carriers have been ongoing for some time, with each company often coming up with promotions aimed at luring competitors' customers away.

In October 2015, Boost Mobile came up with an innovative promotion that offered its own customers discounts for simply paying their mobile services bills on time, according to an earlier eWEEK story.

The offer provides data upgrades of up to 3GB per account to its prepaid mobile customers who pay their bills on time for at least 18 months. Under its phone plans, Boost Mobile is rewarding customers with 500GB of additional included data per month after they pay three monthly bills on time. After six months of on-time payments, customers earn 1GB of additional included data, and so on, up to 18 months, when they can earn a maximum bonus of 3GB of additional data. The new no-contract plans are called "Growing Data" plans.

The bonuses mean that a customer with a $35 plan, which includes 2GB of high-speed data, can bump that up to 5GB of included data after 18 months of on-time payments, while a customer with a $45 plan, which includes 5GB of high-speed data, can bump it up to 8GB after the 3GB bonus. The $35 plan is reduced in price to $30 a month if customers take an auto-payment option. The data performance in all the plans drops to 2G when the monthly data limit is reached.