Business Travel Tips for Wireless Safety

Make the most of your time on the road without sacrificing security or privacy. (

In this global and increasingly fast-paced business world, traveling for work is a way of life for many.

Making the most out of your time on the road is often a top priority, but the trick is making sure this doesnt come at the expense of security.

Checking your e-mail while waiting for your plane to board, fine-tuning a business proposal during the flight and browsing online in a hotel café are popular ways to spend time during business travel—and crooks know this.

Fortunately, there are tools you can use and steps you can take to help keep your information and hardware safe.

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1. Use Security Software
While this may seem like common sense to most, installing security software is often overlooked, yet is a necessary step to protect the data on your equipment.

While most wireless networks have some level of security, the more protection you have on your device, the better.

Even a basic password can help protect your information if your device is lost or stolen.

For more advanced solutions, consider multilayered security. Anti-virus and anti-spyware software combined with firewalls will decrease the likelihood that a hacker or identity thief will be able to access your information.

You should also update your Web browsers and other software frequently.

2. Keep it Simple
Take only what you need on your next trip. When setting up your mobile office, determine the hardware, software and programs you need before you leave.

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