Butterball Cookbook Plus ($4.99)

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Butterball Cookbook Plus ($4.99)

This app is packed with information on cooking turkey, how-to videos, upcoming Butterball promotions, free recipes, kitchen tools like a timer and much more.

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Thanksgiving Fun, Facts & Trivia (Free)

Filled with 50 entertaining facts about Thanksgiving that are organized in quiz form so you can test your friends and family on how much they actually know about the historic holiday.

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Thanksgiving List (99 cents)

Keep Turkey Day stress-free with this organizing app that helps you plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. The app also helps you with 160 pre-loaded items you might need to plan the party.

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Turkey Plucker (99 cents)

This well-reviewed game has you using the swipe function to pluck or slice up a turkey as fast as you can, with explosive Pilgrims (yes, you read that right) standing in your way.

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012 (Free)

Your official guide to the 86th annual parade, this app has information on participants and parade lineup, a route map, inflation-event locations and a tourist guide to the Big Apple.

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Vintage Thanksgiving Cards ($1.99)

Embrace the old-school Thanksgiving style with more than 100 classic vintage greeting cards for the holiday season—from the Victorian Era to Post-War America.

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Thanksgiving Mahjong (Free)

Why not? Take a moment to relax with a Thanksgiving-themed mahjong solitaire app, which includes fun and festive artwork as well as three original layouts.

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Thanksgiving Coloring Book (Free)

Keep your youngest children occupied while you keep your cooking schedule on track with this digital coloring book with a Thanksgiving theme.

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Top Thanksgiving Jokes (Free)

This app can help you avoid those awkward silences around the family dinner table, boasting more than 500 jokes that are updated daily, with Retina-quality graphics to boot.

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Thanksgiving Greetings (99 cents)

Send a happy holiday greeting to friends and family who can't be by your side at the table this year, with more than 20 cards and 30 customizable greetings at your disposal.

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