Citrix Receiver for iPhone Makes Windows Apps Mobile

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Citrix Receiver for iPhone Makes Windows Apps Mobile

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3-D in Action

This 3-D rendering of a mechanical device played as a smooth-flowing movie when my iPhone was connected to the office Wi-Fi. Here, you see three separate snapshots of the rendering action.

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Account Settings

There is a certain amount of configuration that end users must do to get the Citrix Receiver to work on their iPhone.

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Gateway Authentication

Here, you see the authentication options currently available for Citrix Receiver, including domain-only and RSA SecurID options.

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Main Menu

This is the main menu screen, which lets users drill down into the application by navigating through options. The menus have an iPhone look and feel, and are easy to maneuver. Although not tested, the Doc Finder feature is supposed to enable speedy document search.

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Total Revenue

It's relatively easy to put a lot of information on the iPhone screen, as demonstrated in this revenue-forecasting application.

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On this screen you see that Citrix Receiver for iPhone can easily display applications in landscape mode. What's not as clear is that the bar graphs changed dynamically as network traffic in the sample network ebbed and flowed.

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Please Wait

This is where I spent a fair amount of time when attempting to use Citrix Receiver on the AT&T Edge network.

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