Clocks for Moms (99 cents)

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Clocks for Moms (99 cents)

This app offers an in-app email feature so you can send emails without leaving it, as well as inspirational quotes for mothers.

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Mother's Day Card Creator (99 cents)

Send a more inspired Mothers Day card this year with an app that lets you design your own, using cute template icons or your own photos.

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Mothers Photo Effects ($1.99)

Decorate and send your favorite photos of the family as a Mothers Day surprise, with hundreds of graphics and a photo editor.

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Great Ideas to Surprise Your Mom ($1.99)

This app provides a list of surprises, homemade card ideas, party ideas and special recipes to cook for your mother this year.

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My Wine Mother's Day (Free)

Surprise your mother with a unique bottle of wine for Mothers Day with this app, which recommends certain wines for special occasions.

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Mother's Day Cooking Recipes (99 cents)

Surprise your mother with a delicious carrot cake or a deluxe breakfast in bed with the help of this recipe app, which also includes lunch and dinner ideas.

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The Mums' App ($3.99)

A witty and informative guide to motherhood, this app features humorous anecdotes, recipes, survival skills and top 10 lists.

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Momisms (Free)

You know them when you hear them, and now you can give your own mom a good-natured hard time repeating classic momisms back to her.

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