Code Calling

Your wireless calls are wide open to eavesdropping, but help is on the way.


Loudmouthed cell phone users often yap indiscreetly in public places, but those dishing company dirt still have a need for security.

Thats why Rohde & Schwarz, a mobile-communications developer based in Munich, Germany, has rolled out a new, secure wireless phone that has military-grade encryption. The first of its kind, the $2,475 TopSecGSM cellular phone is aimed at corporate executives and government employees who require secrecy and security when using wireless devices.

Following on the wireless messaging front, MicroVault has announced that documents sent by its NetCourier system now can be securely delivered to wireless and other mobile devices. And VeriSign recently announced that its digital certificate technology will be embedded into Ericssons WAP-enabled mobile phones.

"Theres not a lot of history here, but the market for encrypted phones is significant," says Ray Jodoin, a principal wireless technology analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group. "Corporate executives will love it. And police agencies and the FBI will be big buyers. Unfortunately, so will drug dealers."