Communications Failure Grounds Memphis Airspace

FedEx diverted just 11 flights from its Memphis SuperHub and said service should be uninterrupted.

The FAA cleared airline traffic within 250 miles of Memphis and grounded all flights headed to or from the area on Sept. 25 after a telecommunications network failed at 12:30 p.m. EDT

Federal Aviation Administration officials told the Associated Press that it cleared the air space in a 250-mile radius while the equipment was being fixed and aircraft headed to the area was kept on the ground at their departure point. Adjacent control centers handled traffic already in the air, the AP reported.

PointerFAA Revamps Air Traffic Systems. Click here to read more.

Several news agencies reported the network was operating again by 3 p.m., but delays remained.

Shipping giant FedEx, temporarily diverted 11 flights bound for its 300-acre SuperHub, or main routing facility, at the Memphis International Airport, but expected no impact on operations, the company said. The majority of freight comes in after 10 p.m., said Ryan Feruby, a company spokesman.

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