Cool Products from CeBIT

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Cool Products from CeBIT

Photos and captions by Wayne Rash

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Cool Products from CeBIT - The T-Mobile iPhone

Yes, this is an Apple iPhone. And yes, it's from T-Mobile. You can buy one today. Unfortunately, it requires a two-year contract with T-Mobile in Germany. But if you don't mind the roaming fees, you can use it in the United States. And after two years, T-Mobile will unlock the phone.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - The MDA

The T-Mobile MDA provides iPhone-like capabilities for people who would rather have something besides an iPhone. It's an organizer and multimedia platform that adds a few buttons.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - Portable Hi-Def

Ericsson was showing a 4G phone that works with high-definition television signals to show HD images on its own screen or on a larger, external screen.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - Samsungs New High-Speed Enterprise Printer

Samsung has a new line of enterprise printers that are controlled through color touch-screens. The MultiXpress SCX-6555N works in monochrome.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - Samsungs Color Enterprise Printer

Samsung has also introduced a color version of the same printer, called the MultiXpress CLX-8380ND. A major feature is easy accessibility to suppliers.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - Color Printing in Black

Samsung tries to be trendy by producing a color multifunction printer that's black. It prints like the other kind, but it looks nicer. A Samsung rep said it is aimed at home offices.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - LCD Whopper

Samsung showed the world's largest LCD Ultra High Definition Television at CeBIT. It measures 82 inches diagonally. The picture was spectacular. Just imagine how your cooking shows will look on this.

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Cool Products from CeBIT - OLED Spectacular

Samsung's OLED display was nothing short of astonishing. It uses LEDs rather than plasma or an LCD, promising lower power usage and an image better than any other display out there. The view was breathtaking.

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