Creative Aims for Your Ear Canal

Review: The new Zen Aurvana noise-isolating earphones are a good, affordable upgrade from your stock earbuds. (

Creatives new Zen Aurvana noise-isolating earphones ($99.99 direct) fit nicely into a category inhabited by products such as the Etymotic ER6i, the Shure E2c, and the Ultimate Ears 3 Studio.

Put simply, they block unwanted noise very effectively by acting as earplugs and provide far better sound quality than stock earbuds, all without breaking the bank.

The Zen Aurvana earphones offer a good combination of comfort and compactness, and their sound quality stacks up well against the competition.

The glossy black Zen Aurvana earphones bear a slight resemblance to the Shure E3c, but theyre smaller and, at just under half an ounce, extremely light.

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