Cummings Engineering Launches SecureMobile Platform

Cummings’ products employ a cryptographic foundation for all of its products, including SecureMobile.

Mobile and cloud security specialist Cummings Engineering announced the release of its flagship mobile security platform, SecureMobile, which features the company€™s Secure Agile Interoperable Framework for the Enterprise (SAIFE) technology. SAIFE enables users to achieve mobile security and information sharing across any network and any device. The technology leverages military grade encryption, known as the Suite B algorithms from the National Security Agency (NSA), to apply a high grade of security.

The launch will bring this high level of security to new federal government organizations, as well as state and local law enforcement agencies, though the company noted the security solution is already in use at the federal level. Cummings€™ products employ a cryptographic foundation for all of its products, which has been validated by the US Government€™s National Institute of Standards & Technology€™s Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS).

€œWe deliberately designed our pilots to gain firsthand working knowledge of what our government customers€™ real needs are by working closely with them as they tested SecureMobile for both vulnerabilities and utility,€ Darren Cummings, president of Cummings Engineering, said in a prepared statement. €œWe were committed to releasing a product only when we felt the appropriate security was achieved €“ the stakes are too high for our customers. We are confident this product represents the highest level of secure communications on a commercial off the shelf (COTS) device today.€

The company has been conducting pilots with the U.S. military for the past year as part of a Government-Only Early Adopter Program. The SecureMobile platform is part of the company€™s strategy to drive Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, initiatives to government, law-enforcement, homeland security and military markets where protecting privileged communications is critical and the highest level of security possible is required.

€œCommercial mobile devices are ubiquitous and important as they help our government IT departments by lowering costs. However, mobile security is difficult, and connecting them can create a significant threat to the system and the people they support. SecureMobile is the first of many applications powered by SAIFE to overcome these threats and help enable trusted use of commercial phones, tablets and networked devices,€ Cummings said. €œJuly 4th represents independence for our government customers by enabling the ability to leverage commercial devices on trusted networks.€

Whether for government workers, enterprise employees or small business owners, mobile device security is a rising worry for companies deploying BYOD initiatives, and the rise of mobile payments and wireless devices like smartphones and tablets means enterprises need to ensure they have the appropriate security infrastructure in place to guard against threats, according to a recent IDC Financial Insights report.