Cutting-Edge Handsets from LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia Star at Mobile World Congress

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Cutting-Edge Handsets from LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia Star at Mobile World Congress

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LG Arena

This multimedia phone offers a unique audio and video experience made possible by LG's 3-D S-Class user interface. It is the first and currently the only multimedia phone for the global market to use Dolby Mobile from Dolby Laboratories.

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Sony Ericsson Idou

Although still in its conceptual form-"Idou" is a temporary moniker-this 12-megapixel camera phone dazzled Mobile World Congress attendees. It features a 16:9, 3.5-inch widescreen touch display and a Xenon flash.

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Samsung Blue Earth

Green technology is all over the Mobile World Congress this year, but the Samsung Blue Earth, which runs on solar power and is made from recycled water bottles, goes a step further. Available in the second half of 2009, it's perfect for Prius lovers.

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LG GD900

Billed as the first "transparent" mobile, the GD900 in fact offers a see-through sliding keypad only, but that was still enough to generate excitement. To be released in the second quarter of 2009, it comes with a matching transparent Bluetooth headset.

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HTC Magic

Running on Google's Android mobile operating system, the HTC Magic is only the second "Google Phone" to come to market (the first being HTC's G1.) The tablet-style device features a 3.2-inch QVGA touch-screen display and comes preloaded with all your favorite Google applications.

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Nokia N97

Nokia partnered with Skype to preinstall Skype's VOIP application on all of its handsets. The N97 flagship smartphone, hitting stores in third quarter of 2009, will be the first.

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Samsung Beat Disc

The Beat Disc is a music phone with technology from Danish audio maker Bang & Olufsen, a result of a four-year collaboration. It offers a touch-screen display, FM radio, and music recognition and tagging software.

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LG Touch Watch Phone

This 3G "wristset" packs a lot into its small frame, including a video camera, Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition features and TTS (text-to-speech) technology. The screen is a mere 1.43 inches across.

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Samsung Beat DJ

Some people like to listen-hence the Beat Disc-and some like to spin. The Beat DJ uses a simple touch panel with a "Disc UI" for music playback. It also comes with Samsung's new Beat DJ software for mixing and sound effects.

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Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20

This GPS-enabled smartphone runs on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition with full e-mail support, document viewing and Opera's HTML Web browser. The Nuvifone M20 also boasts integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.