Daily Tech Briefing: June 9, 2014

Amazon is sending out invitations for an event in Seattle on June 18, where it’s rumored that the company will unveil a smartphone with a 3D, or hologram, display.

The company also released a teaser video with consumers reacting as they use the device, but the device and their hands aren’t visible. Many react with “Wow” comments, while others had reactions such as “It moves with me,” and “Do I have to give this back?”

In the wake of the Heartbleed flaw, the recent disclosure and patch rollout of seven OpenSSL security updates followed a much more orderly process – with patches sent out before the flaws were disclosed.

However, at least one vendor was not informed of the patches in advance. At least part of the code involved in these updates was written by the same developer who was also responsible for the Heartbleed flaw.

Critics have pointed to the recent issues with OpenSSL as a sign that open-source platforms are insecure. However, the many eyes now able to review its code are now hard at work to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Google has begun preparing Project Tango Development kits for app developers to start building apps for its 3D tablet, which was first rumored last month. The kits – which will sell for $1,024 - were announced in a Google+ post on June 5.

Google is looking to create roughly 4,000 prototypes of its Project Tango tablets with screens allowing users to view complex 3D objects. Developers interested in purchasing one of the development kits can sign up online.

Finally, it appears that the cloud storage industry may have reached a tipping point, where cloud adoption has become so widespread that it is having an impact on storage hardware sales.

Analysts say companies are keeping systems longer and adopting storage optimization techniques more than ever, while leveraging public cloud options for short-term needs. Research firm IDC reported that global revenues for external disk storage systems fell more than 5 percent in the first quarter of the year.

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