Daily Tech Briefing: Sept. 4, 2014

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Note 4 during media events around the world on Sept. 3. Gregory Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics America, explained that the company is aiming to enter a new universe of elegantly designed mobile devices.

The Galaxy Note Edge stole the spotlight at the event with an AMOLED touch display that curves around the right side of the device. The curved surface provides room for an interactive, touch-enabled "Edge Screen," which can display notifications and information like weather.

Apple has not yet released the full details of its two-day investigation into a data breach that came to light Sept. 2 in which images of Hollywood celebrities were stolen.

Apple released an emergency media advisory on Sept. 2 that seemed to claim that iCloud itself was not breached, yet that is the Apple service that was holding the celebrity images.

It is also not precisely known what tools were used in the targeted attack. What's known for sure is there is now fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of users around the world about Apple's security.

Lenovo unveiled new offerings that include an Intel-based Android tablet and two gaming systems. The Tab S8 is the company's first 8-inch tablet that is powered by a quad-core Atom chip and runs Google's Android operating system.

Lenovo also announced the Y70 Touch, a 17-inch touch laptop that includes the latest Core chips from Intel and Nvidia's GTX graphics and the Erazer X315 desktop that comes with high-end graphics and storage.

Google is teaming with researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara to develop processors for quantum computing systems.

Hartmut Neven, director of engineering for the Google Research group, wrote in a blog post that the UC Santa Barbara researchers will give the company's Quantum Artificial Intelligence unit a needed hardware partner as it looks to build on the work it has done with D-Wave Systems over the past year.

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