Daily Video: BlackBerry Aims to Win Back Fans With 'Classic' Handset

Blackberry officially released its new BlackBerry Classic smartphone Dec. 17 at a press conference in New York City. The phone, with a 3.5-inch square touch screen, also has16GB of built-in storage, an 8-megapixel rear camera and a battery that lasts up to 22 hours.

But it's an upgraded version of BlackBerry's hallmark feature, its physical keyboard, that the company is hoping will win back business users that have jumped to rival smartphone platforms. The Classic features "carefully sculpted" keys that enable users to navigate the keyboard by touch.

Sony has put a miniaturized computer into a small module that can attach to eyeglass frames to create its own take on an eyewear-mounted wearable device similar to Google Glass.

However, Sony's design involves a small module that can easily be attached to or removed from a users existing eyeglass frame. By comparison, all of the Google Glass electronics and other components are built from scratch into eyeglass frames.

On Dec. 16, a jury unanimously found that Apple hadn't tried to create a monopoly by blocking other music services from playing on its best-selling iPod.

This puts an end to a complex case that alleged violations of federal antitrust law. The central issue in the case was whether Apple violated antitrust laws with changes it made to its iTunes software between 2006 and 2009 that prevented other music services from playing on the iPod.

Cloud computing company Rackspace, which has relied heavily on Intel systems to power the bulk of the servers running in its data centers, is now embracing IBM's OpenPower servers.

The company announced its intention to build a computing platform, based on OpenPower, which will be in line with requirements for the Open Compute Project and will run OpenStack services.

Rackspace officials are turning more to open-source technologies as it looks to continually increase the performance and efficiencies of its data center resources.

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