Daily Video: FCC Sets New Rules on Indoor Mobile 911 Calls

The Federal Communications Commission has approved new rules to make it easier for 911 emergency responders to get to mobile callers who are dialing from inside buildings.

For years, it has been difficult for emergency responders to accurately locate mobile callers from within buildings due to interference from concrete, steel girders and other building materials.

The new rules, an update to the FCC's Enhanced 911 regulations, were approved by the commission members on Jan. 29 and will provide timelines for mobile carriers to improve mobile E911 services inside structures.

The group behind the small and simple Raspberry Pi computer is adding a more powerful processor, more memory and support for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system in the latest model of the miniature computer.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is powered by a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor and comes with 1GB of memory, giving the computing board six times the performance and twice the memory of the previous system.

New reports from IDC and Juniper Research show that a combination of strong demand for Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets, the holiday shopping season and a broad selection of phones at different price points propelled smartphone sales to a new record level for the quarter and for the year.

Smartphone vendors shipped a total of 375.2 million units during the fourth quarter of 2014, representing a 28.2 percent growth compared to the same quarter in 2013.

FireEye has found that attackers were able to target Syrian opposition groups to gain battlefield intelligence in a campaign that netted 240,381 messages and resulted in the theft of 7.7GB of data.

Attackers leveraged social network tools including Skype and Facebook to trick victims into giving up information and loading malware that was able to steal information.

In the case of the Syrian opposition, there is no centralized computing infrastructure with servers and databases. Instead, hackers had to penetrate individual endpoints.

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