Daily Video: Samsung Unveils Two Galaxy S6 Smartphone Models

Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S6 smartphones have finally arrived. The new Galaxy models, a standard Galaxy S6 and a much flashier and more sculptured Galaxy S6 Edge that features a bright display which wraps around both sides of the handset, were unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, on March 1.

The improvements in the new S6 smartphones over the previous Galaxy S5 model are many, from a chassis made of aircraft-grade aluminum to a higher-resolution 5.1-inch, quad HD Super AMOLED display.

After a series of leaks, Microsoft unveiled Project Spartan, its next-generation Web browser, when it officially unveiled the Windows 10 operating system to the public on Jan. 21 during a press event. Now, Microsoft is detailing how Project Spartan is a departure from Internet Explorer.

In a lengthy blog post Feb. 26, Charles Morris, program manager lead for Project Spartan, explained that while Project Spartan's new rendering engine has its roots in IE's core HTML rendering component, it "diverged very quickly."

A new open-source intelligence analysis of the breach of health insurer Anthem has reinforced theories that the data theft leads back to a Chinese espionage program, according to security firm ThreatConnect. In the report, which is based on public sources or "open-source" intelligence, security researchers at ThreatConnect and other companies found technical evidence that linked the malware reportedly used in the Anthem attack to a Chinese espionage group and a professor at Southeast University, which works with a government contractor, Beijing Topsec Technology Co.

ARM officials are highlighting the expansive role ARM-based systems-on-a-chip have in the networking space—from routers and switches to wireless access points and set-top boxes—and the array of partnerships the company has in the space, including IBM, Advanced Micro Devices and Texas Instruments.

ARM recently introduced its vision of the future of the network, which it is calling the Intelligent Flexible Cloud. The vision is a network based on highly-integrated, highly-scalable 64-bit systems-on-a-chip from a range of chip makers and that are heterogeneous in nature supported by a common software layer and distributed throughout the network, not only in the data center or at the end device.

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