Daily Video: T-Mobile Unveils Data 'Stash' Rollover Program

In January, T-Mobile will start allowing its customers to keep any unused high-speed data allocations in their monthly service plans and roll it over for future use, giving customers more control and fuller potential use of the data allocations that they pay for each month.

New and existing customers, including individuals, families and businesses, will be eligible to roll over their leftover monthly 4G LTE data allocations under postpaid Simple Choice Plans.

To receive the free data rollover, customers must have a minimum 3GB data plan for their smartphones or a 1GB minimum plan for their tablets.

Microsoft is adding new features to an upcoming version of Windows Server that are aimed at helping customers provide enterprise data storage services with commodity hardware.

Claus Joergensen, a principal program manager at Microsoft, explained that in a follow up to its work on Windows Server 2012, particularly the SMB3 protocol and Storage Spaces, the company is doubling down on software-defined storage.

The popular open-source WordPress blogging and content management system is at risk from a vulnerable third-party plug-in that many users may not even realize they are running.

Security firm Sucuri stated that the vulnerability may have already exposed more than 100,000 WordPress Websites to exploitation via malware known as SoakSoak.

The actual vulnerability is in the RevSlider third-party plug-in, which is often bundled by WordPress theme developers in Web page themes that WordPress site administrators can choose to install.

On Dec. 9, rogue torrent-tracking site The Pirate Bay went dark after Swedish authorities raided the Stockholm operations of the site. Although the primary Pirate Bay domains have been dark, other domains purporting to have Pirate Bay content have emerged to fill the void.

One of those sites is Thepiratebay.cr, which has been publicly exposed by torrent news site Torrent Freak as not being officially affiliated with the real Pirate Bay operation. The Pirate Bay site with the .cr domain is most likely just a clone of the Pirate Bay site.

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