Dashboard for Google Analytics Keeps Data Close (Free)

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Dashboard for Google Analytics Keeps Data Close (Free)

Keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company Website with the free app from Google, which shows the most important Web analytics on one single dashboard.

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Facebook Finds Friends of Your Biz (Free)

Facebook can be more than just a casual social networking app; use it to cultivate relationships with your customers and find new fans.

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Sugar Mobile Plus Sweetens Your Access to CRM Data (Free)

Sugar Mobile Plus works both in online and offline mode, giving you access to critical data, regardless of cell network coverage.

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iCapture Survey Gives Your Business Instant Info (Free)

This app allows you to do instant surveys, which means you can integrate them into your point-of-sale (POS) routine or catch customers going in or out the door.

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Tweet Your Customer Appreciation to Everyone (Free)

Twitter is becoming a major platform for businesses to address customer compliments—and complaints—in a short and sweet way.

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Salesforce Chatter Keeps Your Biz in the Conversation (Free)

Collaborate with features popularized by social networking sites like Facebook, and view updates on people, groups and items while accessing accounts, leads and reports.

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ScanBizCards Organizes Your Mass of Contacts ($6.99)

This business card reader offers backup and cloud sync across multiple iOS devices and Web-based access to your scanned cards from any browser.

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Foursquare for Business Keeps Your Biz on the Map (Free)

View your business location's recent check-ins and drive traffic with Fourquare specials, and learn more about your recent and loyal customers.

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HubSpot Puts a Marketing Firm in Your Palm (Free)

This app lets you view and manage your marketing efforts on the go by tracking the month's progress for generating visits and leads, among many other features.

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MeetingMapper Keeps Tabs on Business Meeting Vibe ($6.99)

If you're looking to create a partnership or reach out to focus groups, this app helps you record the behavior of everyone in the room at business meetings with color-coded keys.

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