Dell Plans Android Smartphone on ATandT

A report claims AT&T's first Android smartphone will come next year in a deal with computer-maker Dell.

In what would be Dell's first foray into the hypercompetitive smartphone market, the Texas-based computer maker is reportedly teaming with AT&T for a 2010 device running Google's Android. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is also pursuing deals with other carriers.
Rumors about Dell entering the cellphone market have periodically surfaced over the last year and in August, Dell showed off a "proof of concept" smartphone in China.
The deal would also mark AT&T's first smartphone running on Android. AT&T, which holds the exclusive U.S. license for the Apple iPhone, would be joining fellow wireless carriers Verizon and Sprint promising Android smartphones. T-Mobile already offers an Android smartphone.

Google and Verizon Wireless Oct. 6 agreed to co-create smartphones, PDAs, netbooks, applications and services based on Android, effectively pairing the Internet search and Web services leader and the No. 1 U.S. phone carrier, with 87.7 million customers.

In November, Verizon will announce support for two Android smartphones, with one possibly coming from Motorola.