Dell Streak, Smartphones Show PC Companys New Mobile Direction

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Dell Streak, Smartphones Show PC Companys New Mobile Direction

by Scott Ferguson

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The Dell Streak

The Dell Streak is a mobile Internet device with a 5-inch screen that runs a customized version of Google Android 1.6. It's currently available in the U.K. on the O2 wireless network, but the Streak should land in the states this summer and sell for about $500.

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The Streak Design

Dell designed the Streak for three specific tasks. The design allows the Streak to work as a phone. Second, the Streak, unlike other tablets, fits into a user's pocket. Third, it allows the user to access the Web.

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A Thin Streak

The Streak is very thin, measuring 10-mm thick, which Dell claims is thinner than any other mobile device that is available on the market right now. Again, Dell kept the Streak thin and sleek to fit into pockets.

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Movies on the Streak

The Streak is set up as an entertainment device. And Dell is looking to add Flash to the Streak. When Android 2.2 launches later this year, it will support Adobe Flash 10.1, at which point Dell plans to upgrade.

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Streak in the Home

Here's an example of where Dell is willing to take the Streak. The device is plugged into a dock and connected to a screen to create a different type of home entertainment system.

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Dell Mini 3T1

A new version of Dell's smartphone running Google's Android OS, the Mini 3Ti is slated for the Chinese market, specifically for China Mobile. Dell has been releasing smartphones in emerging markets, since there are bigger opportunities for the company there and many more potential users than in the United States.

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Dell Mini 3i

This is Dell's original Android smartphone for the Chinese market. Right now, these types of Dell smartphones are not offered in the United States, but that could change in the coming months.

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Dell Mini 3iX

This is another Android-based Dell smartphone, but the 3ix is slated for Brazil.

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