DEMO Mobile 2013: 10 Innovative New Companies Take a Bow

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DEMO Mobile 2013: 10 Innovative New Companies Take a Bow

by Chris Preimesberger

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Nurep, San Francisco

Nurep provides a mobile telepresence application that enables guaranteed product support inside and outside of hospital operating rooms. It offers instant on-demand support for physicians, who can access the latest health care product information and instantly connect with the best available representative with a single click. Nurep tracks and optimizes sales and support team effectiveness and reduces health care costs by minimizing unnecessary overheads.

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Wellframe, Cambridge, Mass.

Wellframe combines mobile IT and artificial intelligence to extend the provision of care from the hospital to the home, empowering patients to optimize their recovery and helping providers thrive in an evolving payment landscape.

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Kinsa, New York

Kinsa creates a real-time aggregate picture of the country's health by using smartphones and simplified digital thermometers. Kinsa developed a thermometer that plugs directly into a smartphone's earphone jack. After downloading the Kinsa app, users can see their temperature on the smartphone screen, as well as log other symptoms and share the information with a doctor, family or a private group. As the thermometer gains traction, the company's hope is that it can provide individuals, doctors, public health officials and health companies with better data on where and when illnesses are spreading, as well as inform next steps.

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FieldLens, New York

FieldLens' mobile and Web app uses familiar social media concepts such as newsfeeds, photos, video, tagging and sharing, and applies them to daily field communication, such as task management, jobsite scheduling, safety audits and progress reporting. All field communication happens in real time, meaning that tasks and observations can be resolved fast from a smartphone, tablet or PC. FieldLens offers total jobsite visibility. Whether you're communicating from field to office, office to field or one company to another, FieldLens has all project information in one place for an easy workflow that happens in real time.

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Tylr, San Mateo, Calif.

Tylr Mobile is an enterprise-ready mobile work platform connecting familiar tools for managing your mobile work with all the relevant information in your business systems. For starters, Tylr's first iPhone app, WorkinBox, is a mobile inbox for salespeople, and integrates with email and Salesforce's customer relationship management system. In the future, the company will also plug in your calendar (personal and professional) and marketing automation tools.

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Altia Systems, San Jose, Calif.

PanaCast is new IT that combines unique, patented hardware and state-of-the-art algorithms and software, all the way from optics, video capture and transport through rendering on client devices. This enables users to experience and individually control a pristine panoramic-HD video stream with a panoramic 200° field of view. It gives users the same control and human visual perspective of actually being in the meeting. Simple controls allow you to pan across the panoramic video. You can zoom in on the speaker or zoom in on the whiteboard, all without affecting the views of other remote participants. You control what you see, just as if you were there.

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Osito, Redwood City, Calif.

Osito, which recently changed its name from Sherpa, is a personal app that gathers users' location data, such as commuting routes over time. Then the app can check traffic and notify users if there is bad traffic on their routes and suggest alternatives. The app can also remind users when it's time to leave for their next meeting, based on the distance to the location and the traffic. When users go to the airport, Osito will gather all relevant information, such as airline tickets, hotel and rental car, for quick access.

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The Eye Tribe, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Eye Tribe software enables eye control on mobile devices, allowing hands-­free navigation of Websites and apps, including eye-activated login, enhanced gaming experiences and cloud-­based user engagement analytics. The Eye Tribe intends to become the leading provider of eye control technology for mass market consumer devices by licensing the technology to manufacturers.

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Volio, San Jose, Calif.

Volio launched last month with the promise of allowing apps to create a conversational experience with their users. Now Volio is adding a social dimension with the launch of Voliocasts. The first app to use Volio's technology is Talk To Esquire, which allows the magazine's readers to engage with Esquire columnists.

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NanoSatisfi, San Francisco

NanoSatisfi aims to provide convenient, affordable, on-demand access to satellites. To that end, it is developing a space-based application platform, comprised of an AVR/Arduino-based computer in a CubeSat standard with a freely programmable microprocessor and 25 sensors.