DictaNote Voice Dictation

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DictaNote Voice Dictation

DictaNote isn't a groundbreaking application, but as a voice-dictation app, it's one that will come in handy. The free program lets users leave voice reminders to themselves and then copy them to the device for safe storage.

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Box File Storage

Those that use Box in the office will definitely want to download the company's free application onto their BlackBerry Z10. The application lets users browse and edit files from within Box and automatically upload pictures and videos. Files can also be exported to other programs.

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Podio Workflow Application

Podio from Citrix is another free application that could come in handy for business users who need to quickly create workflows and use them on their smartphones. However, it should be noted that the Podio app is a shortcut to the Citrix Podio site and not a fully functioning program, so an extra step is required to actually get access to the application.

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Timr Work-Time-Tracking Application

Looking for an easy way to track your time? Timr is the way to do it. The application, which is free, is capable of tracking work time, project times and how long a user has been driving. It's already a somewhat popular app in BlackBerry World.

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Smart Business Apps

This download from Canvas is available for free for a 30-day period. The application allows users to take their paper business forms, scan them into the application and then write on them. That could come in handy for employees who are working off-site and need clients to authorize some transactions.

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Remote Desktop for BlackBerry

Remote Desktop for BlackBerry behaves much in the same way as users would expect. The application allows users to log into their Windows-based desktop and control everything from their handset. Full applications on the Windows PC can be accessed and files can be edited. Remote Desktop goes for $4.99.

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Cisco WebEx Meetings

Companies that use Cisco's WebEx will want their employees to download the WebEx Meetings app for BlackBerry 10. The program allows for mobile Web and audio conferencing, and scheduling can also be handled. Like many other business-focused apps in BlackBerry World, Cisco WebEx Meetings is free.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

Like Remote Desktop for BlackBerry, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is capable of allowing BlackBerry owners to access a desktop and control it. However, Splashtop Remote Desktop HD works on both Mac and PC. In either case, users can access applications and edit documents. For a limited time, Splashtop will be offered for $6.99. The app will be regularly priced at $19.99.

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TimeToGo Productivity App

TimeToGo is all about productivity. The application can act as a time-tracker, but it can also be used to determine if you've spent too much time on a particular activity. TimeToGo is a simple application, but it's one that could be a favorite for productivity-seekers. Better yet, it's free.

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Calendar Synchronization

Calendar Sync is designed to leverage BlackBerry 10's calendaring application. The feature lets users select Google calendars to synchronize with their BlackBerry calendars. To get it to work, users need to add their Gmail account to the application. The application is available for $1.99.

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