Ditch RIM BlackBerry for the Apple iPhone 4S: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Apple's iPhone 4S is a sales juggernaut and RIM customers who went through the latest service outage the week of Oct. 11 may have more incentive than ever to move to the iPhone.

Apple's iPhone 4S has proven wildly successful in just its first weekend of availability. In fact, Apple said that it has already sold 4 million iPhone 4S units worldwide, easily shattering the previous record held by its predecessor, the iPhone 4, which marked up 1.7 million unit sales worldwide during its first weekend of availability.

The iPhone 4S' success is set against the backdrop of what has become an extremely tumultuous mobile space. Much of that tumult is the direct result of Research In Motion. Last week, RIM's BlackBerry services suffered an outage, prompting some to wonder just how much longer they'll stick with the firm's devices.

Well, let's make it easy. The time to switch is now. Apple's iPhone 4S is a solid offering and the future of the BlackBerry is decidedly in doubt. The smart move now is to ditch the BlackBerry and buy the iPhone 4S.

Read on to find out why:

1. First and foremost: Design

The biggest issue standing in RIM's way of attracting new customers is product design. The company's handsets fall short when it comes to the look and feel, and so far, it has been unwilling to address that. Apple's iPhone 4S, on the other hand, doesn't fall short at all. Quite the contrary, the device is arguably the best-looking smartphone on the market. That should be enough for at least some BlackBerry owners to switch to Apple's handset.

2. Enough outages

When RIM announced that people were suffering from BlackBerry outages all over the world last week, many folks were fed up. It's understandable. Millions rely upon RIM's service to get their work done. Dealing with service outages that last in some cases a couple of days is absolutely unacceptable. Apple's services, on the other hand, are always working. That's something to keep in mind.

3. There's no change in sight at RIM

For months, investors, customers and even employees have been calling on RIM's management to make some changes. Yet, the company's co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie haven't done so. Instead, they've kept the same course in the hope that customer reactions will change over time. They won't. If a company's management is unwilling to change things up, at what point do customers start accepting that and moving on to something better?

4. A better operating system

RIM's BlackBerry operating system was widely considered one of the best mobile platforms of last decade. But ever since Apple launched iOS, all that changed. Today, Apple's mobile operating system is the best in the business. Now iOS 5, which is running on Apple's latest handset, is the best version of it yet. Those looking for better software experiences should jump at the chance to use the iPhone 4S.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...