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DocumentsToGo Full

DocumentsToGo Full provides users with all of the Office functionality they'd expect. Users can edit documents and PDFs, and the service supports Google Docs. It's a handy tool to have available on Android, even though it costs $14.99.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop

For those times when you're on a mobile device and want to access the desktop, Splashtop Remote Desktop will come in handy. The app costs just $8.99, and it allows users to control their desktops from their mobile devices. And, yes, it works on Windows and Mac.

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Adobe CreatePDF

Adobe has launched a neat Android app that lets users create PDFs right from their mobile devices. The app supports conversions to PDF from Office, PhotoShop, images, text and more file types. It costs just $9.99.

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File Manager

Looking for a free app that can help sort all of those files and folders you have on Android? File Manager might just do the trick. The app allows users to organize icons and different file types, and in the long run, should make it much easier to access important files.

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ezPDF Reader

When you receive a PDF from a client or the boss, having the ability to annotate the document at the spur of the moment can be a valuable capability. That's possible with ezPDF Reader, which costs $2.99. In addition, users can fill out PDF forms from the app and listen to the document with text-to-speech.

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LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition is similar to the aforementioned Splashtop Remote Desktop, since it allows users to control their computers. However, LogMeIn Ignition comes with a host of really neat features, including the ability to let users run business applications, like CRM, ERP and others, without a hitch. In addition, it works with both Mac and PC. But watch out for sticker shock; it costs $29.99.

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ES Task Manager

Looking for a free application that enhances overall productivity while using an Android-based device? Consider trying out ES Task Manager. This app helps users save battery life, free up memory and kill unnecessary tasks running in the background. It's not a hugely important application, but it's definitely something of note.

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GoToMeeting from the folks over at Citrix allows users to chime in on meetings wherever they are. In addition, the application lets users see visuals shown during the presentation, as well as engage the speaker in conversation. It's available for free.

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Although CamCard might look at first glance like a less-useful application than many of the others in this roundup, it actually isn't. The application is a full business card reader that allows users to snap an image and then automatically incorporates all of the information it into their contacts listing. For mixers or other business events, it's a must-have. And it's cheap at $4.99.

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AIVC (Alice) Pro

AIVC (Alice) Pro is the Android ecosystem's answer to Apple's Siri. The virtual personal assistant can answer questions, handle tasks and do many more Siri-like things. However, you should be aware that AIVC is no replacement for Siri, which might prove troublesome. It's currently available for $2.24.

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