Don't Buy the Apple iPhone 4S Yet: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: Apple will start shipping the iPhone 4S on Oct. 14. But even after it hits the market, it might be a good idea for consumers to wait awhile before buying it.

The excitement over the shipment of the iPhone 4S has been building for 10 days. The smartphone, which is expected to launch on Oct. 14, features the same goodies as its predecessor, the iPhone 4, such as the Retina Display, along with a host of improvements, including a dual-core processor, faster downlink speeds on AT&T's network and a better camera. Plus, it starts at $199, which matches the price of the iPhone 4's cheapest model when that device launched last year.

So far,consumers have voted with their wallets on the iPhone 4S, with Apple claiming a sellout of preorders and a new single-day record on that front. To say that the device will be a top-seller after it launches is perhaps an understatement.

However, whether or not consumers should opt to buy the iPhone 4S now is another question. Sure, it looks like a fine purchase, and over time it might be ideal for just about everyone. But is it really best to be an early adopter at this point? Probably not.

Read on to find out whybuying the iPhone 4S right now isn't such a good idea:

1. It's an early adopters' game

The iPhone 4S is undoubtedly a fine-looking product with some neat features. But buying the device at launch is for early adopters. Those folks like to buy products as soon as they're out, no matter how good they are. Sometimes, they benefit from that. But in other cases, they don't. Being an early adopter has its risks and isn't always the best idea.

2. Waiting on the iPhone 5

Prior to the announcement of the iPhone 4S, there was some speculation that Apple would launch the iPhone 5. But it didn't. And now the rumor mill is trying to determine when it might do so. At this point, there's no telling. But chances are, it should come out sooner rather than later. With that in mind, you might want to hold off on buying the iPhone 4S so you're not locked into a two-year deal when the iPhone 5 launches.

3. What will Samsung and Google show off?

Samsung and Google are planning to hold a special event this month to show off the Galaxy Nexus, a smartphone that many believe could be the best answer yet to the iPhone 4S. Will that device actually be a worthwhile competitor? It's certainly possible. So, why not wait to see what the companies show off before deciding to buy the iPhone 4S?

4. Let the iPhone 4 run its course

Prior to the announcement of the iPhone 4S, just about everyone agreed that the iPhone 4 was the best product on the market. Why should customers who were thinking about buying that device turn their back on it now, especially considering it's so much cheaper? Plus, those who own the iPhone 4really have no reason to ditch that device, since it's running iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S doesn't offer all that much in the way of improvements. At this point, it might be better to let the iPhone 4 run its course.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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