Downloads ($1.99)

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Downloads ($1.99)

This application lets you download files onto your iPhone and then view or play the files, as well as transfer them to your notebook or desktop.

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Pages ($9.99)

A document manager lets you sort documents and organize them into folders, while sharing, editing and formatting a wide array of document types.

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Awesome Note ($3.99)

Quickly jot down notes, organize your schedule, remember birthdays and much, much more with this Hall of Fame-winning application.

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Tips & Tricks—iPhone Secrets ($0.99)

Getting the most out of your iPhone is a great way to improve your productivity. This application can help you figure out how to do that.

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PC Monitor ($0.99)

With this application, you can monitor up to three computers using secure encryption, as well as send commands and receive notifications.

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PeerPressure for Goals (Free)

Are you more focused on attaining your goals when your friends know about them? Then, you are in luck. This application, which keeps your friends notified of your progress, might be for you.

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Files Connect ($7.99)

Access files on your Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computers, a NAS device or media server with this application, which also offers file-management capabilities and other extras.

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Convert!!! (Free)

Convert a huge array of weights and measurements with this application, as well as time and trickier calculations like torque and force.

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Group Text ($2.99)

With this application you can send Short Message Service (SMS) texts to groups, handpicked sets of contacts or to distribution lists.

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Secure+ Password Manager ($1.99)

This application is a password manager with encryption capabilities that lets you keep your private data safe from theft by using a 256- or 128-bit key.

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