Droid 2 Is Verizon's Best Smartphone: 10 Reasons Why

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Droid 2 Is Verizon's Best Smartphone: 10 Reasons Why

by Don Reisinger

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It's All About Value

Value means the difference between success and failure in todays highly competitive smartphone market. And the Droid 2 offers the most value of any Verizon phone right now. The device retails for the same as the Droid X—$199.99—but it includes a better operating system and a more viable hardware design. That translates to better value.

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The HTC Droid Incredible Won't Cut It

The HTC Droid Incredible is a fine device with some outstanding functionality. But it cant match the Droid 2. For one, Droid Incredible owners only recently started getting Android 2.2. And the device, while well-designed, doesnt feature the same kind of aesthetic value that Motorola offers in its own devices. The Droid Incredible is a great product, but its not a Droid 2.

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The Droid X Is Nice, but Not Ideal

Whenever discussions on Motorolas best phone start, the debate turns to whether the Droid X is the better device. Some might say the Droid X wins the day, due to its big screen and outstanding touch display. But for all the bells and whistles that consumers like in the Droid X, they will find more to like in the Droid 2. And that wont change until the Droid X finally gets Android 2.2 later this year.

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Physical Keyboards Count for Something

The Droid 2 offers a physical keyboard, making it one of the more unique smartphones in the current Android lineup. Most Android-based devices feature just a touch screen, forcing consumers to type with a virtual keyboard. But the Droid 2 has a slide-out physical keyboard for those that cant stand the virtual alternative. Its nice to have, and it adds a lot of value to the device.

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Android 2.2

As mentioned, the Motorola Droid 2 boasts Android 2.2. That alone makes it a better option than the 2.1-equipped Droid X and just about every other device on the market. Thanks to Android 2.2, the device allows up to five computers to use it as a hotspot for 3G connectivity. It also supports Flash. It might not be iOS 4, but on Verizons network, Android 2.2 is the software everyone wants.

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RIM's BlackBerry Can't Keep Up

Verizon is also home to several BlackBerry devices, including the Tour and the Storm2. Both devices have value in their own right, but they pale in comparison to the Droid 2. Unlike the Storm2, the Droid 2 has an extremely nice touch screen. And unlike the Tour, the Droid 2 has more than enough screen real estate for the average user. And all that fails to mention how much better the mobile Chrome browsing experience is than that on BlackBerry devices.

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What Other Company Has a Shot?

Aside from other Android devices and BlackBerry smartphones, there isnt much competition for the Droid 2 on Verizons network. The company certainly has a slew of available devices, but none are as functional (or commercially appealing) as Motorolas alternative. That only helps the Droid 2 cement its position as the top Verizon phone.

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Flip Phones Don't Cut It

Years ago, flip phones were all the rage in the mobile market. But today, theyre the devices that sit on store shelves. That doesnt mean that there arent some nice flip phones—there are several—but none will appeal to consumers as effectively as the Droid 2. After all, the device is thin, lightweight and easily useful for the road warrior. And it adds far more functionality than flip phones can muster.

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It's a Better iPhone Alternative

The iPhone isnt available on Verizons network just yet, but chances are the device will be coming to the service in a few months. When that happens, all current Verizon smartphones will be judged by their ability to compete with the iPhone. And considering it has Android 2.2, a physical keyboard and better hotspot functionality than Apples option, it will likely compete quite well against the iPhone. That should make it all the more viable to customers both now and when Apple brings its phone to Verizon.

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Adobe's Flash Should Count for Something

Although Android 2.2 brings several nice features to the market, its biggest advantage is Adobes Flash platform. Apple has said that it doesnt trust Flash because of the potential issues it could cause. But those that have used it so far on the Droid 2 seem happy. And they like having access to any Website. Thats important. And it speaks to the value the Droid 2 offers.

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