Ease of Use

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is arguably the biggest factor contributing to the success of Apple products. Whether its the iPhone, the iPad or a Mac, consumers can pop the devices out of the box and know how to use them. Thats not the case with many products. And it helps Apples sales immensely.

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A Combination of Software and Hardware

Whereas many companies in the computing and mobile markets offer their own hardware, but use another firms software, Apple controls both sides of the coin. By doing so, it can ensure that all its customers get the same experience. Even better, it can guarantee that the software works well with the hardware. By controlling software and hardware, Apple is putting itself in a great position.

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Tight Control of Its Product Universe

The previous slide hints at what might be one of Apples most important strategies: control. Whether its the way developers create third-party apps for the iPhone or Apples unwillingness to make its source code open, the company maintains ironclad control of its product universe. Some critics say its a bad thing. But much of the companys success can be tied to that control. And it wont give that up even in the face of persistent criticism.

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Top-Notch Design

Whenever someone heads to their local electronics store and compares Apple product design with all the others, they come to one quick conclusion: The iPhone maker reigns supreme. Due in large part to Apple, consumers care more than ever about what a gadget looks like. And Apples sales are soaring because of that.

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High Prices

Over the years, Apple has been criticized for selling its products at prices that are much higher than those found on competing devices. And yet, people keep paying those fees just to get their hands on the companys products. Apple is a premium provider of a premium product. That is how it wants the world to view it.

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If it werent for Apples unique ability to keep its product plans secret, but still stoke the rumor mill engine, its unlikely the companys products would be nearly as successful as they are now. No other company in the market can command the level of secrecy Apple has. Its sales seem to prove that.

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Service Integration

One of the more interesting things about Apple is that its willing to develop services to round out its selection of products. For instance, with the iPod, it brought iTunes into the mix. Now, with iOS, Mac and even PCs, the company has iCloud available. Service integration is integral to Apples plans.

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A Desire to Do What's Next

One of the nicest things about Apple is that its willing to take risks. Over the years, the company brought the mouse to the computer, welcomed USB to its Macs before all others and, now, has included the Thunderbolt flat-panel display in its products. The company has also been working on killing off the DVD drive. Some of its moves might not always be popular, but in one way or another, they turn out to be a success.

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A Greater Focus on Value

Unfortunately, not enough companies in the technology industry think about value. In far too many cases, they simply offer up an iterative update to an obsolete device and try to turn a quick profit. But Apple is different. The iPhone maker has a desire to deliver unique value with every new product it sells. And in most cases, it succeeds.

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A Consumer -Pull' Strategy

When companies want to try to sell products to consumers, more often than not, they follow a push strategy that determines what customers are after and then provides them with that. Apple, however, follows a pull strategy that assumes consumers dont know what they want, but are looking for something new and exciting. Apple did that with the iPod, iPhone and iPad. And we all know how well that went.

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