Easy Deployment

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Easy Deployment

Motion Computings CL900 is an easy-to-deploy tablet computer that offers long battery life and flexible input options.

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Range of Input Methods

The CL900 allows input from a variety of devices; in addition to the soft on-screen keyboard, its possible to use fingers, the included stylus or both.

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Run Business Applications With Ease

Because the CL900 runs regular Windows 7, it can run a wide array of business applications without recompiling or rewriting them.

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Input Handwritten Notes

The CL900 uses the built-in tablet features of Windows 7. Future versions of Windows are expected to be much more touch-friendly than is the case today.

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Using the Soft Keyboard

The on-screen keyboard will be useful for most situations; external keyboards can also be used with the CL900.

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Read Magstripes, Bar Codes

The CL900s SlateMate option adds a magnetic stripe reader and a bar-code scanner for use in data acquisition and POS roles.

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Take the CL900 Everywhere

The CL900 weighs just over 2 lbs., making it a device that can be carried throughout the working day.

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Docking for Extra Ports, Power

The CL900 can be used with a countertop docking station that provides wired Ethernet, power, and three USB ports—in addition to the devices one.

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