Eight Key Apps in BlackBerry's Enterprise ISV Reseller Program

1 - Eight Key Apps in BlackBerry's Enterprise ISV Reseller Program
2 - GSX Monitor & Analyzer for BlackBerry
3 - Gwava's BlackBerry Audit & Archiving Service (BAAS)
4 - Harmon.ie – Microsoft SharePoint
5 - ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Management for BlackBerry
6 - MindLink for BlackBerry
7 - ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate
8 - Tango Networks Mobile Unified Communications for BlackBerry
9 - Fluid Mobility's Zone Locker
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Eight Key Apps in BlackBerry's Enterprise ISV Reseller Program

by Darryl K. Taft

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GSX Monitor & Analyzer for BlackBerry

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for BlackBerry is an agentless, intuitive monitoring and reporting solution that enables administrators and IT managers to ensure the performance and availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Microsoft Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and IBM messaging and collaboration applications. It provides real-time monitoring from a single user interface, allowing issues to be identified before they affect the end users. GSX Analyzer also features a consolidated reporting dashboard that easily manages availability, performance and usage statistics for the entire BlackBerry server and ActiveSync infrastructure.

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Gwava's BlackBerry Audit & Archiving Service (BAAS)

Gwava's BlackBerry Audit and Archiving Service enables enterprises to protect their reputations, ensure compliance and reduce liability through mobile communication archiving of Android and BlackBerry devices. Gwava for BlackBerry provides IT managers with access to compliance features via one centralized location and allows companies to maintain full compliance with some of the most tightly enforced laws and regulations, including Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which require organizations to archive mobile communications.

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Harmon.ie – Microsoft SharePoint

Harmon.ie empowers the collaborative workforce by delivering the single-screen experience for today's mobile enterprises and tech-saturated users on BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices. With Harmon.ie, companies can support their employees' changing work dynamic by delivering a seamless user experience with full-featured enterprise-grade access to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 any time, anywhere and on any device. Users can securely read, write and upload documents, even if they are offline.

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ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Management for BlackBerry

ISEC7 EMM Advanced Service Management for BlackBerry is a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for an enterprise's mobile communication platforms, ensuring that every system and user is up and running correctly. Features include the ability to monitor multiple enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors and related infrastructure components (BlackBerry, ActiveSync, SQL, network and carrier), service-level and compliance monitoring, detailed reports to help with future capacity planning and a real-time view of a mobile infrastructure's health.

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MindLink for BlackBerry

MindLink for BlackBerry provides integrated, secure enterprise group chat with an emphasis on business-critical collaboration. Built for Microsoft Lync, MindLink offers instant messaging and persistent group chat, and is accessible on tablets and smartphones (including BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices) as well as via Web and desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux. MindLink's integration with internal line-of-business applications, portals and email as well as external sources (such as social media) caters to the collaboration needs of modern businesses. It is specifically built for enterprise use.

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ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate

ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate enables users to employ a BlackBerry to access calendar data, emails and contacts of colleagues and group mailboxes. ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate allows for the control of appointments and emails for colleagues at any time, including creation, confirmation and edits. With BlackBerry and ISEC7 Mobile Exchange Delegate, companies can speed up their business processes with the simple and straightforward setup and configuration and the convenient integration into BlackBerry Hub.

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Tango Networks Mobile Unified Communications for BlackBerry

Tango Networks Unified Communications for BlackBerry integrates any mobile phone into IP-private branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC) platforms, adding mobility to the UC environment and reducing the overall cost of communications while improving business communications. Reduced costs come from the optimized routing of calls to and from mobile phones using a business number in the case of unplanned outages, ensuring uninterrupted communications with customers and employees. Users can also record mobile calls for financial services, as well as health care, legal and government customers for regulatory and risk mitigation needs.

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Fluid Mobility's Zone Locker

Fluid Mobility's Zone Locker for BlackBerry enables users to set BlackBerry Enterprise Service policies for a mobile device fleet by geo-fence location and enables IT policies to be dynamic across the enterprise. The GPS location-intelligence solutions are designed to improve productivity of staff working outside the office and relying on their mobile devices. The program allows IT managers to view key information on an employee's assets to enforce a company's security policy, provide real-time information on an employee's status in the field, and enforce policies or rules based on employee movements into specific geographic zones.

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