Eight Things We Expect to See from Apple in 2011

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Eight Things We Expect to See from Apple in 2011

by P. J. Connolly

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Mac App Store

Jan. 6 is the date expected for the Mac App Store debut, replacing Apples Mac OS X Downloads Web page as the companys showcase for Mac software.

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iWork '11

The next version of Apples office productivity suite is expected to debut in the Mac App Store, with an updated version of the Pages word processor, the Numbers spreadsheet and the Keynote presentation creator on tap.

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iPad 2

Rumors abound concerning Apples plans for the second generation of iPad; built-in cameras and upgraded display capabilities are the most likely to come true.

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iPhone 5

An updated iPhone is expected to be released around the end of June, unless it is plagued by the same design and manufacturing issues that have delayed the release of the white iPhone 4.

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Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'

The evolution of user interface expectations that Apple gained from the development of iOS will be folded back into Mac OS X 10.7 or "Lion," expected to ship later in the year.

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New Notebooks

Apples notebook computers will be upgraded to more powerful processors and be designed to take advantage of enhancements in the Lion release of Mac OS X.

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New Desktops

The next round of revisions to the Mac Pro line will include new processor choices and enhancements to the Pros graphic capabilities.

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Uncertainty for Server Customers

Apples decision to cancel production of the Xserve leaves questions about the companys commitment to business computing; will 2011 bring answers to those questions.

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