Enterasys Mobile IAM Appliance Targets BYOD Environments

The Mobile IAM Appliance offers automatic discovery and provisioning of users, devices and access location.

Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, announced the Enterasys Mobile IAM (Mobile Identity and Access Manager), a bring-your-own device (BYOD) network solution. Mobile IAM is a key component of the OneFabric Security architecture. Designed to be implemented with minimal IT staffing, the Mobile IAM appliance provides enterprise IT control and visibility into their BYOD environments, and is available in both physical and virtual options.

The platform is aimed at corporate-owned and user-owned devices for device-, user- and location-specific network and application access. It offers granular enforcement of policies based on user and device profiles and one-step access to the network without the need for portals, as well as automation of policy and provisioning capabilities. The Mobile IAM Appliance will be available in the second quarter of the year and starts at $20,995 for 3,000 devices. Pricing will scale based on the number of devices.

The company is also offering a range of guaranteed services, which include integration with any mobile-device-management (MDM) solution, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments from VMware and Citrix and threat management from Palo Alto Networks for secure BYOD deployments. The Mobile IAM professional services for 3,000 devices is priced at $22,000, according to a company release.

€œBYOD environments are increasingly becoming the norm for many enterprises and an important enabler of employee productivity and improved user experience. However, one of the barriers to adoption is the lack of confidence that IT can eliminate the potential risks of unauthorized access and security breaches,€ said Chris Crowell, president and CEO at Enterasys Networks. €œOur new BYOD solution addresses these risks by providing end-to-end visibility and granular control of application delivery, usage of devices and network resources. With this approach, we are the first to guarantee successful deployment of a complete BYOD solution, while allowing users and IT professionals to reap the many benefits of BYOD€”increased mobility, higher job satisfaction, improvements in efficiency and productivity, and a reduction in end-user device management, troubleshooting and support.€

Mobile IAM is powered by the Enterasys Centralized Adaptive Provisioning Engine, which delivers granularity and control by tracking more than 50 attributes in real time. The Mobile IAM appliance offers automatic discovery and provisioning of users, devices and access location, the ability to automatically detect device types based on not only the operating system (such as the Apple iOS), but also the device type (like an iPad or iPhone).

As enterprises increasingly provide employees with their choice of devices, they need the ability to manage multi-vendor networks. Mobile IAM supports multi-vendor networks, while context-based policy management helps users enforce granular policies to ensure optimal usage of network resources and application capacity, while providing end-to-end visibility of employees, guests, devices and location usage. In addition, guest access management provides context-based policy enforcement and end-to-end management, as well as auditing and reporting on guest access.

Mobile IAM Professional Services allows for the implementation of customized BYOD solutions for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and other devices to support the deployment of user/device profiling, authentication, policy management and user-interface setup. The services include policy-based routing for all edge devices, as well as customized identity and access management implementation, and setup for custom user and device policies, including guest access.