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Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking applications in the App Store. The free app will let users share links, save voice messages they record in the application and keep track of their thoughts and ideas. Evernote is a great app to use during (or after) a busy meeting.

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OmniFocus Task Manager

OmniFocus is a task manager that handles all kinds of life events. The program allows users to create tasks and then assign priorities to them so you can keep track of what needs to be done next. From there, users can include links, audio messages, and images to supplement their task. The app's tasks can also be viewed online. However, be aware that OmniFocus will set you back $19.99.

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Things Task and Reminder App

The Things app is a little expensive at $9.99, but for that price, folks will find a full-featured task manager that doubles as a calendaring and reminder application. All of the “Things” that are saved in the app can also be saved online for access in a Web browser. Things is a popular productivity app for a reason—it works extremely well.

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Assistant – Personal Secretary

Assistant—Personal Secretary is somewhat similar to Siri, allowing users to control their device with their voice. However, where Assistant excels is in dictation. While busy with something else, users can quickly send themselves a voice memo that's converted to text and can be sent out via e-mail, SMS, iMessage and other services. It's a high-powered iPhone app for only 99 cents.

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Clear List Keeper

Clear is arguably the best list-keeping application on the iPhone. The device helps users quickly create an item to keep on their list, and then mark it as completed when done. The app also lets users store the lists in the cloud and arrange them based on priority. Not bad for a $1.99 iPhone app.

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Trying to remember all the passwords a person has saved can be difficult. However, with the $17.99 1Password, which is available on iPhone and iPad, users can input a single, master password that will allow them to get into a site or online login. The app securely stores all passwords behind the Master Key, ensuring no one can see credentials without logging in.

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Companies looking for a work scheduling application to make employees more productive and get them to work on time should consider iSchedule. The application, which is available for $2.99, lets users see their own work schedules, as well as those for colleagues. From within the app, users can modify their schedules, pick up hours, and ask for a schedule modification from the boss. It's available on the iPhone.

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Quickoffice Pro

Looking to get some work done? If so, the $19.99 QuickOffice Pro HD might just be the solution. The app, which is available on the iPad, allows users to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It also serves as a PDF reader. It's a little on the expensive side, but it's a full-service suite.

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MyCalendar Mobile

MyCalendar Mobile is a fine calendar application for those who want to keep everything in their lives in order. The application can integrate with Facebook to save key dates and also saves information from Contacts. The app is designed for busy folks that can't always remember the special events in their lives. It's available for 99 cents on the iPhone.

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Battery Boost Magic Pro

A key aspect of being productive is having enough of a battery charge to get the job done. That's where the 99-cent Battery Boost Magic Pro comes in. The app, which is available for iPhone and iPad, can extend device battery life, improve charging times, and give more accurate information on usage. It's a must-have for any productivity junkie.

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