eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride

WiMax Mobile DemonstrationMotorola's test network consisted of four temporary WiMax towers spread around the city. In just six weeks, Motorola was able to identify and acquire the rights to tower locations, then perform the deployment. Motorola representatives made it clear that the network was not optimized and that there would be some coverage brownouts along our route--they took what tower locations they could get--but the speed with which the network was deployed speaks volumes about the flexibility WiMax can provide.

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride - Suburban-ite

In a Chevy Suburban outfitted with a WiMax backbone, we drove around the city to gauge the speed and handoff capabilities of the technology.

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride - CPE

Motorola's CPE (customer premises equipment) was mounted in the back of the truck. They used their desktop model, which supports the mobile WiMax standard, 802.16e.

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride - In-Dash Computer

The in-dash computer streamed music from Yahoo LaunchCast throughout the journey. Also, a built-in GPS downloaded the latest maps via WiMax each time we conducted a search.

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride - Back-Seat Driver

The folks in the back seat got their own computers, as well, powered by Networks In Motion. We were able to place calls over WiMax using SkypeOut from these systems.

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eWEEK Labs Wild Wireless Ride - The iPod Touch

The CPE also provided a local Wi-Fi network in the vehicle, so we could surf the Net via standard clients like a laptop or the iPod Touch. While watching a Democratic candidate debate, and I did experience some hiccups in the video.

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