Facebook (Free)

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Facebook (Free)

Post photos, update your status, and keep tabs on friends and family with this free app for the social networking behemoth. You are on Facebook, aren't you?

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Evernote (Free)

Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. This app helps you remember everything across all the devices you use.

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SoundHound (Free)

Never worry about missing the name of that catchy new tune you just have to have—SoundHound quickly identifies what's playing and gives you the details.

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Kayak (Free)

The ultimate travel app, Kayak lets you find the best rates on hotels, flights and car rentals, as well as a flight-tracking feature and a trip organizer.

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Twitter (Free)

Everybody has something to say, so why not express yourself in limited capacity through everyone's favorite microblogging site?

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iBooks (Free)

Apple's tablets are perfect for reading books (if you're cool with modern media, that is), and iBooks is a great way to download airport novels and classic literature, as well.

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Garage Band ($3.99)

Turn your tablet into the ultimate portable recording studio with a full suite of instruments and editing capabilities to boot. You can even start a jam session with friends.

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Amazon Mobile (Free)

Purchase products, get reviews, create wish lists and go consumer-crazy with the mobile edition of the world's largest online marketplace.

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Find My iPhone (Free)

If you lose your iPad, you're going to want to find it, quickly. This app will let you use another iOS device to find your misplaced tablet and protect your data.

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OpenTable (Free)

Get free, instant and confirmed reservations at more than 20,000 restaurants in the United States and Canada. An interactive map helps you find appropriate eateries nearby, too.

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