Fiberlink Rolls Out New Mobile Services

The company introduces bundled services that extend connectivity over high-speed cellular networks, provide mobile VOIP telephony and protect against spyware.

Fiberlink Communications Corp., a provider of secure mobile workforce solutions, is rolling out three new services that extend connectivity over high-speed cellular networks, provide mobile voice-over-IP telephony, and protect against spyware.

The services will be sold in separate bundles, but "they very much play together," said Bill Wagner, chief marketing officer at Blue Bell, Pa.-based Fiberlink. "Our customers are large companies like Ernst & Young, GE or Pfizer that employ a large number of people who travel. We dont worry about issues behind the premise firewall. Thats not our business. We ask what issues are made worse by mobility."

According to Wagner, when combined, the new services provide three things: connectivity through a "broadband everywhere" connection gained through CDMA EvDO (Code Division Multiple Access Evolution Data Optimized); security that is enhanced with the anti-spyware offering; and productivity that the mobile VOIP service provides.

The Ev-DO compatibility will be integrated into Fiberlinks "All Access" service plan, which will bundle Fiberlinks Extend360 software and a Sierra Wireless AirCard 580 wireless WAN card with the Wi-Fi, dial-up, and hotel broadband access technologies currently included in the companys offering. The AirCard, a Type II PC card, provides "always-on" connectivity over a CDMA 1xEvDO or 1xRTT (Radio Transmission Technology) network and supports data transfer rates averaging 400 to 600K bps, with peaks up to 2.4M bps.

EvDO is presently available in 30 markets. The new service includes access to Fiberlinks nationwide 1xRTT data network for non-EvDO users and those outside areas that have it.

In partnership with Webroot Software Inc., makers of Spy Sweeper, Fiberlink will offer a version of Extend360 that protects against spyware. "The opportunity to be exposed to spyware is greater outside the corporate network," Wagner said.

Although spyware does not directly threaten the enterprise network, he said, it costs companies in lost productivity and support and maintenance for mobile devices. "One of our clients just re-imaged 100 laptops because of spyware," he said.

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The VOIP offering, available through a partnership with Skype Technologies S.A., will allow employees to make inexpensive calls from the road and take their office phone number, voicemail and contact list with them when they travel. Like the other new offerings, it will be bundled with Extend 360.

Wagner said Fiberlinks enhanced security services, which include anti-virus and patch management, will make Skypes peer-to-peer solution enterprise-ready.

"IT professionals and others in the industry are concerned about the security implications of using applications like IM [instant messaging] and Skype. Extend360 reduces those concerns and puts control back in the hands of IT," Wagner said.

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